The choice of what exactly to depict on a challenge or commemorative coin is important because of the lasting and symbolic nature of such a coin. Often the symbols selected for use in the coin design are widely recognized and historic with a rich legacy.

slider-gfd-obvThe Maltese Cross

The near universal firefighting symbol, the Maltese Cross originates from the knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and is named after their residence on the island of Malta. Shown in the coin at right, it can be seen all across the country as an emblem of the firefighter.

slider-florian-obvSaint Florian

The patron saint of firefighters, Saint Florian is usually depicted pouring water on a fire. This image is a commonly used symbol associated with firefighting and one of the stock dies of Northwest Territorial Mint. This Saint dates back to Roman history. Learn more here.

staroflifeStar of Life

For Emergency Medical Teams, the Star of Life is the favored cross symbol and official emblem. Its history is much more recent.

hornsOther Symbols Used

Of course, fire trucks, firefighters in action, any of the tools of the firefighter, firefighter helmet, and many other items have used.